Runaways – Japan (1977 – Full Concert HD)(DHV 2011)


This concert with sound Live in Japan CD (Super) by Tuscadero10

00:12 – *Intro
01:38 – *Come On [beginning of song with strong tunnel noise]
05:26 – Queens Of Noise
09:00 – California Paradise
11:47 – *You Drive Me Wild
15:11 – All Right You Guys
18:54 – *I Love Playin’ With Fire
22:02 – Wild Thing
25:24 – Rock & Roll
29:42 – Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin
33:27 – Cherry Bomb
35:45 – *Blackmail
37:24 – *I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are
40:09 – American Nights
44:28 – Secrets

* – concert audio with behind the scenes videos

The Runaways – Live in Japan (Concert Nights DHV 2011)

Tokyo, Japan

Joan Jett – guitar, vocals
Sandy West – drums, vocals
Lita Ford – guitar
Cherie Currie – lead vocals
Jackie Fox – bass, vocals
Thx Runaways and recorders & traders ! (sorry my english)
Source of my Diamond Heart Version is out-of-print VHS rip DVD.
Best visuality is: HD resolution, fullscreened and you see 2-3 meter from monitor
in dark room ! (VHS quality – NO WONDER) Human eye is not eagle eye. When looking at a distance, disappear many glitches of video.

I find sucessfully parameters of filter against strong white light. Now better, natural colors on faces of girls. Cavalcade of strong and wild colours on stage. Up – normal stage lighting with many reflectors. Back and Front – many strong white reflectors. Left and Right side – colours reflectors. Some headlights. On front stage ground at microphones 3-3 pink reflectors.

– NTSC colors balanced to PAL, enhanced colors
– Dark-Light range wide
– cropping, medium video-noise reduction
– vocal range and above balanced
– light hiss reduction, normalized
Rebalanced VHSrip sound is not clear, but very “dirty” rock’n’roll sound.


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