Doobie Brothers Winterland July 1976 Full Concert


This concert was from the Takin’ It to the Streets tour with both Tom Johnston and Michael McDonald in the band. Click on ‘Show More’ to view the lineup and set list. Technical problem with the video abound and Jeff Baxter’s guitar is non-existent in the mix. We did what we could to remaster the audio. If you can get past this video’s flaws, you will enjoy it.

Tom Johnston – Guitar & Vocals
Pat Simmons – Guitar & Vocals
Michael McDonald – Keyboards & Vocals
Tiran Porter – Bass & Vocals
John Hartman – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Michael Hossack – Drums
Bobby LaKind – Congas
Memphis Horns

Set List:
01 Introduction – John Hartman, Bill Graham
02 Jesus is Just Alright
03 Rockin’ Down the Highway
04 Road Angel
05 I Cheat the Hangman
06 Instrumental
07 Neal’s Fandango
08 Turn It Loose
09 Introduction of the Memphis Horns
10 Eyes of Silver
11 Takin’ It to the Streets
12 Take Me In Your Arms
13 Rio
14 Black Water/Trumpet solo
15 Wheels of Fortune
16 Sweet Maxine
17 Long Train Runnin’
18 Keep On Doin’ It
19 China Grove
20 Listen to the Music


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