Doobie Brothers Cycles Tour Honolulu, Hawaii 1990 Full Concert


This remastered concert features the lineup from the Toulouse Street album in 1972 never to be seen again plus others. Click on ‘Show More’ to view the lineup and set list. It was shot at the Waikiki Shell in Honolulu January 25, 1990. Audio sounds like it is on the fly from the FOH mixer

Tom Johnston – Guitars & Vocals
Pat Simmons – Guitars & Vocals
Tiran Porter – Bass & Vocals
John Hartman – Drums & Vocals
Michael Hossack – Drums & Percussion
Cornelius Bumpus – Keyboards, Horns, Vocals
Dale Ockerman – Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Jimi Fox – Percussion & Backing Vocals
Richard Bryant – Vocals & Percussion

Set List:
01 Rockin’ Down the Highway
02 Jesus is Just Alright
03 Road Angel
04 Dark Eyed Cajun Woman
05 One Chain Don’t Make No Prison
06 Dependin’ on You
07 Time is Here and Gone
08 Take Me to the Highway
09 Echoes of Love
10 One Step Closer
11 Neal’s Fandango
12 South of the Border
13 South City Midnight Lady
14 Black Water
15 The Doctor
16 Need a Little Taste of Love
17 Take Me in Your Arms
18 Long Train Runnin’
19 China Grove
20 Listen to the Music


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