Heart Live in Passiac City [26-1-1979] – Full Show


A quite random upload; Passiac City, January 26 ’79; Heart is a band that I’ve got into recently and this is the first bootleg I have of them, and let me tell you, it’s truly a gem!
This is a radio broadcast of this show (Don’t know which radio actually, but he says during it), so the quality is the best! The band sounds strong and Ann Wilson’s vocals sound really bitchin’
Check out the Led Zeppelin’s Rock and Roll cover, shows how rockin’ they are

Cook With Fire; 5:36 High Times; 9:05 Heartless; 14:12 Devil Delight; 19:26 Straight On; 24:11 Magic Man; 30:26 Love Alive; 37:30 Magazine; 44:27 Mistral Wind; 51:49 Dog & Butterfly; 57:25 Crazy On You; 1:04:49 Kick It Out; 1:07:45 Barracuda; 1:12:35 Radio DJ Talks; 1:14:09 Lightning & Wine; 1:20:42 Rock And Roll; 1:27:40 Without You; 1:34:12 Ann & Nancy Interview


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